How Toyota Supports Canadians With Mobility Challenges

By: Hilltop Toyota   |   12 Dec 2017
Toyota Mobility

You’ll likely be surprised to learn that 1 in 7 Canadians suffers from some sort of disability. A lot of those Canadians, because of their disabilities, will have mobility issues. Everyone deserves to get around, explore, and live a free, mobile life. It’s what we believe here at Hilltop Toyota and it’s what Toyota is dedicated to across the globe.


Here’s how Toyota supports Canadians with mobility challenges:

Mobility Program

Minivans are versatile and useful vehicles. Sadly, not too many companies produce high-quality, affordable minivans. The Toyota Sienna is an adaptable vehicle that is a great option for those with mobility challenges. Spacious and adaptable, the Sienna could be the right van for your individual needs. The Toyota Mobility Program reimburses customers up to $1,000 for costs related to customizing a new Toyota Sienna with mobility assistance equipment.


The 2018 Toyota Sienna Mobility Van can be customized with a range of equipment to help make life easier for people with mobility challenges. The Sienna can be converted into a ramp van that allows easy entry and exit for people in wheelchairs and similar devices. Along with other helpful features, the Sienna can be fitted with a power mobility seat that enables the mid-right passenger seat to rotate, extend, and lower.

New Global Challenge

The Toyota Mobility Foundation recently unveiled a $4 million dollar global challenge with the goal of making the lives of people with lower-limb paralysis easier. The Mobility Unlimited Challenge wants teams around the planet to create advanced technology that will help radically improve the mobility and independence of paralyzed people. The winners will be announced in 2020.  


“The Mobility Unlimited Challenge is about the freedom to move.

It will support innovators, creating cutting-edge personal mobility

devices incorporating smart technology and intelligent systems

that will transform people’s lives."


- Charlotte Macken, Nesta Challenge Prize Centre

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