Take Your Toyota to the Track

By: Hilltop Toyota   |   07 Aug 2017
2017 Toyota 86

Have you ever pushed your car to the limit to experience what it’s really capable of?  We’re not talking about putting the pedal down on the highway, we’re talking about bringing your Toyota to the track, throwing on a helmet and some racing gloves, and seeing just how good of a driver you are.


If you’re interested in an adrenaline rush, BC has a variety of race tracks where you can bring your sports car and let loose. Of course, safety should always be your primary concern, so before you hit the track, be sure to read up on safety regulations and get professional advice from track staff.


So, ready to hit the track with your Toyota 86 or another performance vehicle? Here are a few tracks within driving distance of Salmon Arm for you to check out.

Area 27 Motorsport

The track at Area 27 is huge and unlike anything else in BC. A long, winding track with a few straightaways that allow you to really see what your car can do, this is an ideal track for seasoned drivers looking for a challenge. Located about three hours south of Salmon Arm, Area 27 is a motorhead’s dream.


Penticton Speedway

Take a two hour drive south and head down to the Penticton Speedway. If you’re looking for a hands-on race experience they offer different racing programs ranging from go karts to full size vehicles. This is an active tack with races going on throughout the month, so if you’d rather watch a race rather than participate in one, you have lots of options.


Mission Raceway Park

If you’re going the speed limit, Mission Raceway Park (MRP) is a four hour drive away. If you’ve never seen a drag race up close, this is the place to do it. It’s worth the drive just to watch the various races they run, but they also allow members of the public to rent their facilities.


With a few weeks of summer left, we encourage everyone to make the most of it’ hit the track, or hit the highway, either way just have a great time driving. And, above all, be safe out there! If you haven’t had your vehicle in of servicing recently, book an appointment and make sure it’s running properly before hitting the road (or track).


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