Why Your Next Car Should Be A Hybrid

By: Hilltop Toyota   |   09 May 2016
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How Does a Hybrid Work?

Toyota is a front-runner when it comes to producing smart vehicles that work with the environment, for the environment. Delivering once again on their commitment to a greener world, Toyota has released an exciting new lineup of hybrid vehicles for this year, including the 2016 Highlander Hybrid, the 2016 Camry Hybrid and the 2016 Prius C. Each vehicle in the hybrid collection comes equipped with the evolutionary Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD), making Toyota a permanent recipient of numerous awards reflecting energy and fuel efficiency. The leading difference in a hybrid vehicle is the way it produces energy. Using an electric motor, hybrids are known to be 70% cleaner than conventional standard gas and diesel engines and at the same time, give you all of the same benefits, if not more, than your typical gas-powered motor.

HSD models operate in three distinct modes, allowing the driver to customize the driving experience on a whole new level. With gas, electric or a combination of both, these options are made possible by combining two core technologies including a power-split device and an impressive energy management system. Working together in harmony, these technologies monitor driving patterns and power flows to achieve the utmost efficiency, without downgrading the performance that is expected from a Toyota. 

Cruise Control You Can Count On 

With hybrid-electric models, you'll never have to worry about running out of steam. Even if your gas light comes on, the vehicle will automatically switch into electric mode, giving you enough power and time to fill up or recharge at the nearest gas station. Hybrid cars come designed with exceptional levels of mechanical and electrical engineering, allowing you to increase and decrease acceleration levels by maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing harmful fuel transmissions. And, even if you like to go really fast, rest assured knowing that any excess energy is automatically used to help re-charge the battery. If you don't feel like driving, just take your foot off the pedals. The electric motor will immediately kick in, saving you fuel and also converting braking energy into electric energy to help re-charge the Hybrid Battery using a brand new Regenerative Braking System. 

If you come to a complete stop, the gas engine will once again turn off completely to save your fuel. But, just like the electric motor kicks in when it recognizes low fuel levels, the gas motor will also come into effect if your electric battery is running low. With two unique systems working together all the time, the Toyota hybrid-electric models are one of the safest and efficient options on the road right now. 

At Hilltop Toyota, we are proud to offer an impressive lineup of new Toyota hybrid models. If you've been thinking of purchasing a hybrid vehicle, checkout our new Toyota showroom. If you've already got something in mind, give us a call at 1-(844) 988-4231 to book a test drive today! 


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