Social Media Update for November

By: Denise Linton   |   08 Dec 2014

December 8th. 2014

November Social Media Content Updates

Below are a few of the links and stories we are promoting this month to help keep the Toyota BC Dealers top-of-mind across BC. We are working with some of the most popular and influential bloggers and online communities to feature stories with real people driving Toyotas that fit their lifestyle.


Akio Toyoda Introduces Toyota Mirai

If you haven’t heard, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation Akio Toyoda introduced Toyota's new fuel cell sedan this week, the Toyota Mirai. We are getting lots of action on our social media channels from this, so we encourage you to share the video on yours too.

Brett Tippie: All Play and No Work

Brett Tippie and his Tundra have made for our most successful video to date. Be a part of the tens of thousands of BC residents sharing and talking about how their Toyota Trucks fit with their lifestyle.

Victoria Cabbies Bust Hybrid Myths

The story is catching on, locally. Be a part of the solution and share what The Asian Pacific Post has reported about Hybrids. Click to read the full article.

Learn The Cost of Owning

In Hybrid Land, we all know the cost of owning a vehicle. That’s why we share content like this with our Hybrid fans, to remind them how much they’re saving by going Hybrid. Do you know how much it really costs to own?

Pitch Your Toyota: Instagram

The Toyota BC instagram channel is our hottest social network right now. People from all over BC send us pictures of themselves and their Toyotas - doing amazing things all across British Columbia’s beautiful landscape. Jump in, and send us your pictures too.

20 Social Media Tips (Forbes)

For all the Sales / Marketing Managers and Dealer Principles, here are some professionally curated social media tips from Forbes to get the most out of your network.

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