Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready?

By: Hilltop Toyota   |   16 Oct 2017
Winter Tires

It was fun while it lasted, but we have to accept reality: winter driving conditions are right around the corner. Here in Salmon Arm we have it a little easier than the rest of the country; snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures hit the prairies a couple of weeks ago. We hope you made the most of the nice weather, but now it’s time to make sure your vehicle is winter ready.

Beat the Rush

As soon as the first few snow flurries hit the ground, drivers will be rushing to have their winter tires installed on their cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Beat the rush and book your winter tire appointment now. Avoid the frustration of waiting in line, get your winter tires installed today.

Why Are Winter Tires so Important?

Summer tires are great when the sun is beating down and the temperatures are skyrocketing—that’s when they are in their element. Summer tires love to grip hot roads, but once the temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, summer tires begin to lose their effectiveness. In comparison, winter tires are designed with special rubber compounds and tread patterns that help grip frozen roads and prevent sliding on ice. For anyone driving a lot during the winter months, we suggest you have high-quality winter tires installed to keep you and your passengers safe on BC roads.

What am I Forgetting?

Was your vehicle outside for the past few months facing the elements? The hot sun, dry climate, and constantly changing temperatures can have a huge effect on your windshield wipers. Dry, cracked wipers simply won’t do their job and that means you may not have a clear view of the road when you need it. These two small items are responsible for ensuring you have a clear view of everything around you. Before winter hits, make sure you have high-quality, functional wipers that are ready to take on winter.


Is your vehicle ready for winter? Book an appointment in our service appointment and make sure your ride is ready for winter driving conditions.



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