Toyota Safety Sense: Helping Make Sure Your Halloween is a Safe One

By: Hilltop Toyota   |   02 Oct 2017
Toyota Safety Sense

Ghosts, witches, superheroes, candy, spooky stories—you guessed it, Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween can be a lot of fun, but with lots of kids running around the streets at night, it can also be a dangerous time of year. Drivers and children need to be extra careful on Halloween night, but the fact is no one is perfect and people get distracted.


This seems like a good time to give you the ins and outs of the Toyota Safety Sense  (TSS) safety package that comes standard on virtually all new Toyota vehicles. So, what’s the big deal and how can Safety Sense help ensure all those trick-or-treaters have a fun, safe, candy-filled night? We’re about to give you all the important details.


Toyota Safety Sense Key Features


Pre-Collision System + Pedestrian Detection

Technology can be a beautiful thing. Now standard on all new Toyotas, this system used cameras to detect vehicles and humans that you are approaching. If it senses you’re getting too close without applying brake pressure it will automatically do it for you in order to avoid any potential accidents. That’s a great feature if you’re driving around on Halloween night with kids in costumes running around.


Automatic High Beams

No one likes being blinded by another car’s headlights. TSS is able to control your vehicle’s high beams and adjust them accordingly. So, if you’re approaching another vehicle with your high beams on, your Toyota vehicle can detect how close you are to the other vehicle. Once it detects you’re too close to have your high beams on, it will toggle to your low beams. Other drivers will thank you (or maybe Toyota) for this awesome feature.


Lane Departure Alert

It’s happened to almost every driver: you’re on a highway, cruising along and you get distracted; maybe you’re trying to find a certain radio station, or maybe you’re just enjoying the scenery, whatever the reason, you’re not paying attention. Your vehicle starts to wander into the oncoming lane and as you look up, you realize you’re in the wrong lane and swerve back quickly to avoid a head-on collision. The Lane Departure Alert feature that is part of TSS notifies you if you leave your lane so you can adjust accordingly.

These are just three of the key features that are part of the TSS, but there are many more. If you’d like to know more about TSS, contact us anytime. We’d love to show you TSS and let you experience it for yourself.

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