Toyota’s New Yaris Hot Hatch Heats Up the Auto Market

By: Hilltop Toyota   |   03 Apr 2017
2017 Yaris Hatchback

The Toyota Yaris Hatchback has always been a hit amongst Canadians.

One of the most efficient subcompact cars on the market, the 2017 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is small enough to maneuver busy city streets, while providing ample cargo space for all of your things.

After doing so well on the market, it only makes sense then, to introduce a new member of the Yaris family.

Unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show just a few weeks ago, Toyota Motor Corporation revealed its plans to engineer a high-performance, three-door version of the Yaris Hatchback, the Yaris hot hatch.

Here’s what we know so far:

More Power to You

Toyota’s latest member of the Yaris family will be named Yaris GRMN, which is thought to stand for “Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nurburgring”. What this translates to, is almost double the horsepower than the existing Hatchback model.

The Yaris GRMN has gotten a series of performance upgrades which include being equipped with a supercharger and a slightly larger 1.8L engine, as opposed to the existing 1.5L engine. Together, the duo will produce an estimated 205 horsepower, which is almost double the 106 horsepower that the Yaris currently produces.

The proposed Yaris GRMN is said to be inspired by the WRC racer, which is why more power makes a whole lot of sense this time around. There’s still no word on when the new Yaris could hit the North American auto market, but here’s to hoping it’s soon!

What Is a Hot Hatch?

As the generations of vehicles continue to evolve, the definition of a true hot hatch tends to stray as well. Despite new technologies like remote keyless entry, a true hot hatch must be a high-performance, three, four, or five-door hatchback vehicle.

Hot hatch vehicles have been engineered with a more powerful internal combustion and superior aerodynamics that allow them to perform akin to racing vehicles, but in the design of a family vehicle that the average Joe can enjoy. These characteristics were at the heart of the newly revealed Yaris GRMN.

Are you a fan of the Toyota Yaris? Stay tuned for more news on the arrival of the Yaris GRMN. Looking to upgrade to a reliable, efficient subcompact car? Shop our new Toyota Yaris models and book a test drive in one today! If you’re more of a fan of the older generations, our pre-owned Toyota inventory has used Yaris models for sale. Call us today at 1-(844) 988-4231 or contact us online for more information.


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