The Best Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Toyota

By: Hilltop Toyota   |   20 Mar 2017
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After months of frigid temperatures, freak snowstorms, and enough slush and ice to make even the most seasoned drivers nervous, spring has finally returned to Salmon Arm, B.C. You likely want to make the most of the nice weather and hit the road in your favourite car, truck or SUV for a drive through the mountains. 

There’s plenty to be done on your Toyota vehicle before you transition from winter driving to spring driving. Many people go into a frenzy of spring cleaning on their houses, and you should do the same with your car. Not only will your Toyota look better, but you’ll feel better driving it, knowing you’ve done your part.

So, how can you spruce up your Toyota just in time for spring? We’ve thrown together a checklist for the exterior and interior to get you started:

The Inside Is What Counts

Tired of looking at the fast food wrappers that litter the interior floor of your Toyota? Given up on those salt stains that never seem to come off the upholstery? At Hilltop Toyota, we know spring cleaning can be a pain. That’s why we offer a variety of genuine Toyota detailing services that will transform your vehicle from “ew” to “woohoo”! Choose from deluxe, premium, or ultimate detailing services and rest assured that you’ll never even have to grab a rag and bucket. Here’s what you’ll get when you leave it to the professionals:

✓ Interior shampoo

✓ Engine shampoo

✓ Glass treatment

✓ Carpet/mat shampoo

✓ Fabric protectant application

✓ Machine polish (wax and residual removal)

✓ Hand wash and towel dry

✓ Toyota Paint Finish seal application

If you were thinking of just throwing on a pair of shorts and hosing don the car, think again! Our professional detailing services take the tough part out of the equation, so all you need to worry about is looking good behind the wheel.

Don’t Cry Over DIY

The inside of your vehicle is definitely the tricky part, which is why you should leave it to our friendly team of Toyota experts. However, the outside of your vehicle can easily get ready for spring with a few simple tasks. Here’s what you need to do:

✓ Remove your winter tires and swap them for all-season tires.

✓ Clean your headlights (remove any tree sap, bugs, and debris).

✓ Monitor your tire pressure.

✓ Check your fluids and top them up where necessary.

✓ Gently scrape away excess mud or grime from beneath your vehicle.

Above all else, bring your vehicle in for a quick and convenient service appointment with Hilltop Toyota. We have many affordable maintenance services available for your Toyota that will ensure safe and efficient driving this spring. Our Service Centre is stocked with the newest parts and accessories, should your Toyota require any upgrades or new additions.

Beat the spring fever! Call us today at (844) 988-4231 or contact us online for more information.


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