Winter Isn’t Over Yet--Why You Need That Service Checkup

By: Hilltop Toyota   |   06 Feb 2017
Toyota driving in the snow

There’s no snow in the forecast for Salmon Arm, British Columbia, but just because the temperatures are milder doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared.

Winter tends to be unpredictable, and the nights are still below freezing. If you keep your vehicle parked in the driveway all winter long, without shelter from a heated garage, it’s safe to say that more wear and tear than usual is happening.

When your vehicle is exposed to the elements, it’s not just the outside parts that take a beating. Even sheltered components, like your engine, battery, and fluids are at risk of freezing or acting up. While many people tend to save maintenance appointments for the warmer months, it’s a great idea to book an appointment in the winter for precautionary measures.

Plus, the winter months are the perfect time to beat that “spring cleaning” mentality. You can avoid long lines and enjoy a quick turnaround on your vehicle.

Here’s what you should be on the lookout for:


Frozen Engine

It's one of the most common winter annoyances - a frozen engine. This happens when your antifreeze fluids are too low. On your next service visit, we’ll make sure all of your fluids are topped up and at their appropriate levels so you don’t get stuck in your driveway--or on the side of the road.

Frozen Diesel

If your vehicle runs on diesel (Toyota trucks), you might experience diesel fuel waxing. This only happens in extremely cold conditions, but wax crystals form in diesel fuel and can block fuel lines and filters. Since gasoline and diesel have different chemical makeups, the diesel is naturally thicker and therefore freezes easier. To avoid this, it’s best to keep your truck in a heated garage.

Dead Battery

Even a fairly new battery can act up in the winter, but if you haven’t changed your battery in a few years, the winter is a good time to do it. Often, there are no warning signs. One morning you might wake up and it simply won’t start. Cold temperatures can drain the battery faster. At Hilltop Toyota, we’ll run a battery test to make sure yours is working to its optimal performance.

Soft Tires

If you think your tires are looking a little deflated, you’re probably not imagining things. Cold temperatures cause your tires to deflate faster than they normally will year round. If your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system built in, you can get a good idea of when to fill them up with air. Hilltop Toyota’s service technicians will conduct a test to make sure your tires are at the right pressure so that you can enjoy safe driving and optimal fuel economy.

Frozen Windshield Wipers

When it snows or rains overnight in the winter, your vehicle is undoubtedly covered in layers of ice. When you go to hit the windshield wipers, if they’re stuck, the force from the automatic systems could mangle them. Some people opt to pour warm water on the windshield to unstick them, but do this and you could be looking at the cost of repair for a cracked windshield!

Do any of these problems seem all too familiar? Rather than take on a DIY job on your day off, bring your vehicle down to Hilltop Toyota and let our service technicians work their magic. We currently have a wide range of service specials on that are guaranteed to keep your vehicle looking and performing like new. Call us today at (844) 988-4231 or contact us online for more information.

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